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By Paul Kim (Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Certified Personal Trainer)

How to get Incredible, Six-Pack Abs (Part 2): Metabolic Circuit Training


This is the second part of my series on getting incredible, six-pack abs that command attention. Here, I will lay out my “CORE WORKOUT 2”, which I perform on alternate days to “CORE WORKOUT 1” that I described in detail in a prior post.

As a brief summary of my ab workout philosophy, your abdominals are muscles, just like your chest, biceps, quadriceps, etc., and thus they need to be blasted with weights to reach their full potential. Have you seen abs where the “six-pack” is very big, pronounced, and seem to jump out at you? You know the kind where each pack is big and full? Compare that to a person’s six-pack that looks flimsy and weak (these were likely developed without using weights). Remember, this workout philosophy applies to both men and women, as women need to develop their ab muscles too in order to make them more pronounced.

Now, having stated my belief in the use of weights for ab development, I’ve found that combination core workouts that alternate weighted exercises with un-weighted circuit training tend to give my muscles the most well-rounded development that I can get. So here’s my “CORE WORKOUT 2” exercise program. Of course, I vary these exercises and continue to keep my muscles guessing so that they don’t adapt to a single workout regimen. In future posts, I will discuss the principles of OVERLOAD and other important philosophies that form the foundation of great physique development, which I’m a firm believer in.


Perform the workouts below in the precise sequence, as I’ve designed them to target different parts of your core as you progress through the workout. They are essentially super-sets (sets performed back-to-back without rest), followed by brief rest. Do the entire workout 2x through, and stick to the allotted exercise and rest times. It will take you just 16 minutes to complete the entire workout program, and you will be exhausted. The added benefit of these types of metabolic exercises where you perform multiple exercises back-to-back with minimal rest is that they burn more calories over a period of 2 days than a static exercise program of the same duration.

You should be sweating hard, if you do this workout correctly! Once you get accustomed to this, you can increase the duration of each exercise to increase the intensity. For example, instead of 30 seconds per exercise, you can move to 45 seconds (and the rest would be for 90 seconds).

Let me know what you think about this program, and tell me if you’d like me to blog about a specific topic. Stay tuned for more fun and practical workout programs, tips, and diet guides in future posts. Also, I encourage you to sign up to receive my posts by email to make sure you never miss a post! Enjoy!


Author: Paul Kim

I'm a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about fitness! Come join my blog, as I deal with topics that are most pertinent to fitness for working professionals and homemakers. Follow me on Twitter @paulkimpk

3 thoughts on “How to get Incredible, Six-Pack Abs (Part 2): Metabolic Circuit Training

  1. You don’t need to rest your ab muscles to allow it to grow?

    • Abs and Calves are kind of unique muscles in that they seem to require less recovery time between hard-core workouts. I play it by ear a little bit… sometimes when I hit my abs really hard, especially with weights, my muscles are sore for 1~2 days, in which case I will rest my core and allow the muscles to grow. Overall, I hit my core area about 3~5 times per week, and that works great for recovery and growth.

  2. If you want six pack abs, do aerobic exercises. Ideally you want to do 30-45 minutes of cardio exercises three times a week and weight train two to three days a week. Work out your entire body and do abdominal exercises on alternating days.

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